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Getting The Show on The Road: A Year In Review and Forecast

Getting The Show on The Road: A Year In Review and Forecast

As we approach the end of the year, it is difficult not to reflect on what has occurred and what we desire for the near future. Year after year, Joe’s Auto Parks is grateful for the opportunity to provide exceptional parking services to all of Los Angeles. We are so proud of the help we can contribute to our surrounding environment, and we are willing to do what we can to continue providing it. If you would join us on our journey on two roads, we can review our retrospect of the year and what we envision for the year ahead.


2017 has proven to be a promising and fruitful year for Joe’s Auto Parks. There have been plenty of amazing things that have happened, and we cannot end the year without recognizing the impact it had on our company and the community we love to serve.

1. LAMTA Partnership

Late in 2016, LA Metro tapped Joe’s Auto Parks to handle their paid parking to improve customer satisfaction and the ridership-parking correlation.  This new program was introduced in Spring 2017 at select Red, Gold, Green, Silver, and Blue Expo Metro lines, launching automated, ticket-free pay stations and License Plate Reader technology that regards LA Metro as a leader in modern parking. Furthermore, rider verification software was added to each pay station to allow only Metro riders to use their lots over those who were simply there to park. Read more about this development in our article here.

LAMTA Partnership
(Image: Google Maps)


Joe’s Auto Parks is dedicated to providing premier parking services for Downtown Los Angeles. Our facilities have been developed with Angelenos and the city’s fast-paced lifestyle in mind, and in order to better adapt to both, we asked our audience how we were doing. We wanted to know from our own customers how their experiences have been with us in the past and what we could do to improve it in the future. As a way to say thanks, participants became eligible for a weekly prize drawing and were awarded via social media. If you want to let us know your thoughts and suggestions, just visit

Launch of Joe’s Customer Survey


DTLA’s vibrant and dynamic environment is filled with an array of cultures and eye-catching marvels. So it’s only fitting when Summit LA, a festival for forward-thinking leaders in cutting edge industries to exchange ideas, asked The DoLab to erect one of their unique constructions in the heart of Los Angeles. Our 843 S. Spring Street lot became the location for the event’s Wallapod, a 7000-sq. ft. artistic dome structure, setting this creative convention amidst the energy and inspiring environment that Los Angeles has to offer. See what it took to build this amazing structure in this article.

The DoLab’s Wallapod for Summit LA 2017
(Photo: SummitLA)


It is widely known that parking in Los Angeles is a major hassle, and the L&R Group of Companies (TLRGC) has been on a mission to present top parking solutions to solve that problem. Operating two distinct divisions, WallyPark and Joe’s Auto Parks, TLRGC aims to surpass the parking demands of Los Angeles residents both arriving into and departing from the city. WallyPark boasts white-glove service with a nearby facility to LAX, while Joe’s Auto Parks makes visiting Downtown LA a breeze with multiple locations near iconic sites. With both brands working more closely together, customers can take advantage of the values and amenities rooted in TLRGC. Did you know you can receive 3 FREE DAYS of parking at WallyPark with a purchase of monthly parking at Joe’s? Sign up for our newsletter for the details!


Although 2017 has treated us well, we are looking forward to welcoming 2018 and embracing it with hopeful energy. We are optimistic of the great things ahead, especially the ones below.


Driving around Downtown Los Angeles, it is fairly easy to notice the amount of construction happening, especially with the amount of machines and building skeletons visible from the skyline. Slowly but surely, these construction sites will come to a completion and, soon after, will be filled with residents. According a report by The Real Deal, a study by Commercial Café found that there will be a 1.73 million sq. ft. of excess new workspaces for 2018 alone; with the addition of event venues and living facilities, this number will rise. We are well-equipped with garages/lots and plenty of parking spaces as these buildings begin to get filled; not to mention, our safe parking structures are convenient to these new LA residents wherever they may be.

Growing DTLA


Not too long ago, we explored a few of LA Metro’s plans to better mobilize residents and tourists for the upcoming Olympics being held in LA on 2028. Recent news has discovered that the projects have been prioritized and will implement their “Twenty-Eight by 28” program, completing 28 public transportation projects by the time 2028 arrives. We’re looking forward to seeing these projects realized, and seeing how we can also help LA Metro in this endeavor.

LA Metro Updates for 2028 Olympics
(Image: LA Metro)


We were very excited for the first anniversary of the Spring Street Community Garden earlier this year, as well as the addition of many eco-friendly features to our lots like electric vehicle chargers, bike racks, and even on-demand waterless car wash. Not only are we embracing the lifestyles that our customers have, we are also embracing ideas and suggestions to make a better Joe’s Auto Parks for us all. The launch of our Customer Survey truly helped us better our services, and with the upcoming year, we hope to garner even more customer feedback and engagement to become the ultimate choice for parking of Downtown Los Angeles.

More Involvement in Community
(Image: Spring Street Community Garden)
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