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The Benefits of Parking

Benefits of Parking: Garage

Los Angeles residents know the value of having a personal vehicle: traveling the shortest of distances can take a lifetime with the city’s notable traffic and aggressive drivers, and finding refuge amidst the chaos-around the comfort of your own music, your own surroundings, and your own company-is an irreplaceable luxury. But owning a car comes with a hefty price tag to keep it in working order. Maintenance, gas, and insurance are only the start of many costs that come with this convenient method of traveling; then at the end of it all, you’ve got to face the most difficult challenge of all: finding a parking spot.

A CityLab article published in December 2015 found that 14% of LA County’s land was dedicated to parking by the end of a 2010 survey, which is an equivalent to 18.6 million parking spots, or 3.3 spots per registered vehicle in the county that year. Yet most drivers can corroborate that these spaces are nowhere to be found in the most important times. Fortunately, the stressful process of parking space hunting can be solved with a reliable alternate option: monthly parking. While its benefits of convenience are apparent and attractive, monthly parking can also be a solution to other driver-related problems. Thought you were simply going to have a dedicated parking spot? Here are just a few less obvious benefits of being a monthly parker.


When you’re in a rush, far from a lot or garage, or any other consequence, the next best solution is to find metered parking on the street. But this exposed parking can cause many anxieties for an individual throughout the day. Driving around town seems like a never-ending journey looking for the safest and closest spot to your office. Then, the hassle of looking for change-if you even have any cash-turns your experience into a nightmare. Finally, while at work, glancing at the clock consistently to assure the meter does not expire before you can get in the elevator and walk over to your car becomes distracting.

With monthly parking, you can relieve yourself of those worries knowing that your vehicle will be where you last left it. You won’t have to worry about payment methods, as the registration process can be done online, nor will you need to fine-tune your vision just to find the next spot on the street. Most importantly, you won’t have to stress about your car getting towed for lack of fare. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) reports that an average ticket in Los Angeles costs around $68 for expired meter parking, and forgetting to pay for the ticket will only increase your fine and eventually hinder you from registering the vehicle. Monthly parking will only enhance your way of life as you drive into DTLA. Time and extra change is better spent on other things, like a cup of Joe in the morning.

Benefits of Parking: Street Parking


While you value your car for its convenience and personal attachments, others may also value your car for, well, its value. According to LAPD, about 300,000 vehicles are stolen every year in our city alone. Monthly parking provides you with unrivaled safety that you won’t get on the street. It’s removed from the sight of cunning thieves, and is patrolled by surveillance cameras for further security measures. Furthermore, your car is safe from unwarranted towing.

LADOT states that vehicles left on the city street for a period of 72 hours or more will be reported as an abandoned vehicle. If you have an ongoing, demanding project, the last thing you need to find is your car missing from its spot. Taking your car to work also allows you to leave your belongings in a safe, locked place. It allows you to have a more well-rounded life knowing that you can stow your items when not needed: gym bags, laptop computers, and clothing, just to name a few. Privacy is also a key component of being a monthly parker. Opt for a nap during your break to increase your productivity, and taking a nap in a shaded area in your car is a great way to do so. According to the NY Times, finding a quiet, unoccupied space where you wont be disturbed for about 20 minutes is the ideal “perfect nap.” Monthly parkers can take advantage of the private, covered and safe places to reenergize themselves.

Benefits of Parking: Safety and Privacy


The California DMV recently reported that over 8 million vehicles were registered in Los Angeles County by December 31, 2016. If trekking through the county’s 4751-square mile area seems daunting, try taking on these roads at its most congested. During rush hour, the crowds begin to form as early as 3:30 PM and are entrapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic until 7 PM.

With monthly parking, you can shorten your commute by staying put during those hours and letting the traffic subside. That way, all roads leading home will be easily accessible and calm. Monthly parking can also make the drive to-and-from the city a more enjoyable experience by avoiding the most aggressive and most exhausted. Many drivers have just finished a long day of work or school by the time rush hour hits, and they will do whatever it takes to simply go home; when you allow time to let these impulsive drivers pass, the commute becomes less stressful. And, with one less car on the road, you’re actually helping to reduce the emissions and crowdedness of the rush hour passage.

Benefits of Parking: City Traffic


Los Angeles’s vibrant culture and points of interest are varied and far-reaching; Angelinos know that to fully immerse in them, you must be a mobile, tireless adventurer. Luckily with monthly parking, you can explore the sights and experiences of the city without a time limit. Many adventures can be had throughout the day when you have a dedicated spot: mornings can start with a walking expedition; afternoons can be reserved for local sightseeing or shopping; and nighttime opens the door for food and entertainment.

Monthly parking is also a great way to quickly assimilate into a neighborhood. Los Angeles gained over 42,000 new residents from 2016 to 2017 according to this article from LA Times, and DTLA would be more easily navigable with recommendations and tips. But whether you live or work in the city, being a monthly parker helps you in getting familiar with the area, introduce yourself to neighbors, and learn inside information from the locals. It will allow you to navigate the city with even more confidence from the knowledge you’ve picked up from your new neighbors.

Benefits of Parking: Get Familiar with the Area

A bustling metropolis offers beauty, energy, and entertainment to its residents and visitors on four wheels; but in a less luxurious point of view, it can cause stress and anxiety in mobility and crowdedness. The next time you make your way into DTLA, remember that a quick parking solution may not always be the most appropriate. Think of your lifestyle and the benefits above; and when you’re ready to get a parking spot with your name on it, just visit or call us at (855) 388-3496.

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