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Joe’s Auto Parks Spearheads Metro’s Paid Parking Program

Atlantic Metro Parking

Joe’s Auto Parks is proud to help Los Angeles Metro improve their riders’ parking experience at select Red Line, Gold Line, Expo Line, Green Line, and Silver Line stations.

On November 16, Metro announced phase 2 of their plan to install paid parking at their transit stations. The results of their initial installments were promising, as they were able to increase overall ridership despite predictions to the contrary.


Earlier this year, Metro became aware of a distinct problem: ridership and parking wasn’t matching up. People were using their parking lots without using the Metro line. That meant parking spots were unfairly being taken away from people who wanted to use public transportation.

In May 2016, Metro implemented a transit ridership verification program. This helped them ensure that the only people using their parking lots were also using public transportation. It also helped them identify people who weren’t using their ridership permits; remove those people from their list; and give passes to people actually interested in using the Metro line.

Metro can now move forward with implementing phase two of their pilot program: paid parking.


Joe’s Auto Parks is proud to announce a new partnership with Los Angeles Metro.

Metro’s paid parking program is designed to improve customer satisfaction. Select parking lots will feature fully automated, ticket-free pay stations. In lieu of gates, the lots will use License Plate Reader technology to keep track of when commuters enter and leave.

In order to ensure that parking patrons are also using the Metro line, each pay station will have TAP ridership software. This system ensures only people with ridership permits can use the parking lot; non-riders won’t be able to take up space that could have been used by commuters.

Kevin Litwin, Chief Operating Officer of Joe’s Auto Parks, sees this partnership as the best way forward for parking companies. He explained that, “There’s going to be a huge parking shortage in downtown Los Angeles, which means more people are going to start using public transit. Metro recognizes that and is planning appropriately. We’re proud to be partnering with such a forward thinking company.”

According to Frank Ching, the Senior Director of Parking Management for Los Angeles Metro, MTA believes Joe’s Auto Parks’ experience and overall preparedness make them a great fit for bringing a visionary project to life. “Their deep familiarity with the geographic area made them the obvious choice,” said Ching. “Joe’s proposal was detailed, and they quickly assembled a knowledgeable and experienced team. They are by far the best qualified firm for this contract.”


Starting as early as April 2017, you’ll see automated pay stations at the Red Line, located at Universal and North Hollywood; at the Gold Line, located at Citrus, Irwindale, and Atlantic; and at the Expo Line, located at the corner of La Cienega and Jefferson. If all goes as planned, you can also expect to see pay stations at Norwalk, Lakewood, and Aviation (Green Line), along with El Monte (Silver Line), shortly following the initial installations.

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