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Terms and Conditions


  1. Parking charges (and any applicable taxes) are due upon purchase. There are no refunds for canceling before month’s end, and parking charges will not be pro-rated for customers signing up after the first day of the month.
  2. Our downtown La parking rates are subject to change.
  3. For customers utilizing auto-draft for their monthly payments, cancellation will require 30 days written notice.
  4. For locations that issue out Access Cards. Any deposits paid will not bear interest, but will be refunded provided that the relevant card is returned to Joe’s Auto Parks within 7 days of termination. After 7 days, unreturned cards will result in a forfeit of the deposit.
  5. A current, valid parking permit must be visibly displayed at all times (except for locations using Access Cards). Failure to do so will result in being charged the posted daily rate, and/or being issued a parking notice and having your vehicle towed. Permits found to have been duplicated will be deemed invalid.
  6. Storage of vehicles and/or performing repairs or maintenance on a vehicle while located in the parking facility is prohibited. The parking of vehicles that (in the opinion of Joe’s Auto Parks) pose a hazard or contain hazardous materials is also prohibited.
  7. In the event that a lot fills up (or is rented), Joe’s Auto Parks will redirect you to a nearby Joe’s Auto Parks lot at no additional cost to you for the duration in which your primary location is unavailable.
  8. You may not assign or transfer any monthly parking pass or agreement, unless previously agreed to by Joe’s Auto Parks. Changes to the name on an existing account are strictly prohibited (unless documents are provided indicating a legal name change).
  9. Any additional terms and conditions that are displayed at the parking facility must be observed.
  10. Vehicles must not be parked in such a way as to block traffic lanes or violate any laws or regulations.
  11. Vehicles parked for the principal purpose of promotional activities or advertising are prohibited.
  12. All online payments will be subject to a service convenience fee.
  13. In the event that a customer is in breach of the terms and conditions of the monthly parking agreement, Joe’s Auto Parks may, without notice, suspend and/or terminate the monthly parking agreement. If parking privileges are suspended, Joe’s Auto Parks may charge a reactivation fee.
  14. These terms and conditions are subject to change by Joe’s Auto Parks without notice.
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