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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about out downtown LA parking services? Take a look at our FAQ’s to answer any questions you might have. Don’t see your question listed? Give us a call or shoot us an email and the Pros at Joe’s will answer your question in a timely manner.


Are oversized vehicles, such as SUVs, accepted at all of your parking facilities?

Unfortunately, not all of our facilities can accommodate oversized and/or extended vehicles. If you think your car may be oversized, please contact the onsite parking attendant to receive clearance information.


How do I pay for monthly parking?

We provide a number of convenient payment options. These include credit cards, automatic bank draft, online payment through our website and personal or corporate check. Most payments can be made at our attended parking locations.

How do I sign up for monthly parking?

You can apply online at our website, or contact our Monthly Accounts Department (213) 629-3263 to have a monthly parking application emailed, faxed or mailed to you.

What happens if my monthly permit is lost or stolen?

Individuals are responsible for the care and custody of their monthly parking permit or garage access device. If you should unfortunately lose your permit or access device you will need to purchase a replacement for the balance of the month or you may elect to pay the posted daily location parking rate or not park at that location for the remainder of the month. In some cases there may be pro-rated rates for permit replacement. If you lose your access card there will be a replacement fee for the parking permit/ access card which varies with the location.

How do I obtain a monthly parking pass?

  1. Create a customer account online
  2. Select payment Option (One-Time or Recurring)
  3. Take your printed receipt to the parking lot attendant in exchange for your monthly permit
  4. In addition, you can stop at the garage booth to pick up a paper application.

I lost my monthly parking permit or access card. What should I do?

If your permit or access card is lost or stolen, please contact our Monthly Accounts Department to void your previous parking permit or access card and issue you a new permit or access card. Our Monthly Accounts Department can be reached at or via email at to expedite the process, please have your account number ready.

Am I permitted to lend out my monthly parking permit?

Unfortunately, lending or selling your permit is prohibited. Each permit is marked with your specific parking information, allowing us to serve you most effectively. Please be mindful that you are responsible for your monthly permit. If you wish to report a lost or stolen permit or want to cancel your monthly account, please contact Monthly Accounts.

I would like to cancel my monthly parking permit. What should I do?

We’re sorry to see you go!

However, if you must, please return your unused monthly permit and/or access card – – or contact our Monthly Accounts Department to cancel your account. Once your account is cancelled, your permit will no longer be granted access into the parking facility.

Can a monthly parking permit be used at multiple locations?

Unfortunately, our monthly parking permits are specific to each garage and cannot be used at other garages. If you find yourself running around to multiple garages, we suggest that you apply for our VIP Preferred Parker card. Our VIP Preferred Parker card allows for a quick and easy way to pay for your parking.

I have moved, need to update my credit card information, or have other account information that has changed. How can I change this information?

Simply login to the My Account section of our website to make any necessary changes and updates to your account.

Will I still receive a paper invoice in the mail if I have an online payment account?

Yes, you will receive an invoice/receipt.

Are there special rates if I park or work after 6 PM?

Yes! Depending on the location most of our parking facilities offer special evening and weekend rates. These special parking rates are prominently displayed at the respective parking facilities.

What happens if the garage I parked in is closed when I return?

Hours of our attended operation and closing times are prominently displayed as you enter all our parking garage facilities. Also prominently displayed will be contact information and after hour release costs.


Is my online payment safe?

Here at Joe’s Auto Parks, we take your personal information and security very seriously. Joe’s Auto Parks has taken all the necessary steps to be compliant with local and federal laws governing online payments. We are using the most advanced security mechanisms available to insure your information is protected. We are continuously updating our systems to keep up with the latest technological advances in online payment security.


What if I receive a parking violation?

First offense is a warning and second offense is vehicle impound. Depending on the nature of the violation, your vehicle may also be subject to tow, in accordance with City of Los Angeles Municipal Code.

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