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New Developments for DTLA to Look Forward to in 2020

DTLA in 2020

Downtown Los Angeles is in the midst of an incredibly exciting renaissance, with big-name companies moving in, construction booming, and the revival of landmarks on nearly every corner. The New York Times claims that DTLA is currently in the biggest development boom since the Roaring Twenties, with cranes dotting the skyline and construction projects diverting traffic.  Take a look at the list below of impressive new developments that the living and working community of DTLA can look forward to in 2020.

Google map view of 6th and San Julian. | Image:

New Supportive Housing Development

Developers have announced plans for a new building on the corner of 6th Street and San Julian.  The six-story project will be called 6th Street Place and will replace the current three-story industrial building that is known for the “Skid Row City Limits” mural. The $54-million supportive housing project will provide 93 residential units for low-income households as well as on-site support services from The People Concern.

DTLA Chamber of Commerce

The DTLA Chamber of Commerce

Finally, DTLA Will Have Its Own Chamber of Commerce. Interestingly, Downtown Los Angeles has never had a Chamber of Commerce, even though almost all neighboring cities in LA County have their own chambers. DTLA has experienced a lack of advocacy, resources, and community as a result of not having a chamber in the past. The new DTLA Chamber of Commerce states that the purpose of the organization is to promote the prosperity of the people who work in Downtown Los Angeles and to advance their establishments, which would benefit the entire city. The DTLA Chamber of Commerce is still in the early stages of planning and is targeted to launch mid-2020.

The 53-story tower (right) | Image: Department of City Planning

An Edgy Addition to the Los Angeles’ Skyline

The city has approved a new five-star “Jenga-esque” hotel and condominium skyscraper.  Based on the futuristic design, the 53-story tower will surely stand out in the city skyline. Twelve upper floor suites will have cantilevered swimming pools that extend outward from the units. The hotel and condominium will also connect to The Perch rooftop restaurant on the 13th floor, so it will already be a hot spot in the city.

Image: Los Angeles City Planning

Downtown Los Angeles Community Plan

Downtown Los Angeles has announced a collective vision for DTLA’s future with programs that plan for the city up to 2040. The community plan includes long-term policies and implementation programs for the city. Projections for the area include an addition of 125,000 more people, 70,000 more housing units, and 50,000 more jobs by 2024. To accommodate the projected growth, the city plans to create a transit, bicycle, and pedestrian-friendly environment as well as world-class streets and public realm. The plan also addresses housing, homelessness, traffic, transportation, and the neighborhood’s character, according to Architecture News. While it is a plan for the future, locals can expect to hear more about the changes that will begin to take place in 2020.

IMage: Asap/Adam Sokol Architecture Practice

A Unique Historic Core Hotel Design

A very peculiar hotel design will begin construction in the Spring of 2020 on Spring and Sixth Street in Downtown Los Angeles. The Spring Street Hotel is designed by Asap/Adam Sokol Architecture Practice and will have 170 rooms, 20 suites, and a rooftop bar and pool. Looking at the building from street level, the design blends well with the older buildings that surround it. However, the design above is unique to any other building in the city. Curbed LA describes the design as both very ancient and modern, kind of resembling a potato. While the design may be unusual and even unwelcome in other cities, it seems to fit right into DTLA.

Primavera Sound Festival

DTLA Prepares to Host International Music Festival

In addition to innovative architecture and new city plans, LA natives and visitors can also prepare for several new events in 2020. One notable new event is the Primavera Sound Festival that will debut at Los Angeles Historic Park. The famous Barcelona music festival will expand to Los Angeles on the 20th anniversary of the event, taking place on September 19thand 20th. In Spain, previous Primavera festivals have welcomed over 200,000 attendees, growing tremendously form the original 7000-person audience, so it is a major event that locals to take advantage of in their backyard.

Perla on Broadway

Modern Residential Revival in the Historic Core

While many buildings are scheduled to start construction in 2020, The Perla on Broadway is planned to complete construction and open to the public in 2020. The Perla consists of 450 condos above 7000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. It is essentially the first residential high-rise to be added to the Historic Core in over one hundred years. While the building is obviously new with a modern design, the architects used historic accents to blend the building tastefully into the surrounding neighborhood.

CitizenM Hotel in DTLA
Image: Gensler

New Hotel to Open in 2020 in Downtown Los Angeles

A new hotel will open on 4th and Spring in DTLA, replacing a parking lot with 315 rooms that are perfect for visitors to the city, or locals looking for a trendy “staycation” option. The citizenM hotel is considered to be “affordable luxury” for the urban explorer.  The hotel plans to show visitors a different side of Los Angeles and become a part of the neighborhood’s fabric.

…and So Much More

Downtown Los Angeles is already the heart of Los Angeles County’s cultural diversity, transit system, and history. With so many cutting-edge changes, the city center is also becoming a destination for small businesses and major corporations, tourism and events, historic landmarks, and modern architecture. Stay connected with Joe’s Auto Parks on Facebook and online at to stay up to date with the latest news in the DTLA area, and to find the best parking near these new developments.

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